Frequent questions

  • Which of your products are vegan?

    All our menu is vegan. It is a joy for us to present our “violence-free” cuisine, which is the veganization of the best cuisine of the different Peruvian peoples, and in this we also include international dishes.

  • Are they Pet Friendly?

    We are 100% pet friendly. And we adore families who share with all their loved ones. 

  • Do you have gluten free or soy free products?

    Within our usual menu we do not include these products, however we have all the availability to make them on request. If you wish to request preparations with specific characteristics, we will need you to contact us in advance and place your order in advance in order to meet your expectations.

  • Do you have a menu for allergies or diets?

    We can make a menu for all the different types of special diets, for this we will need you to send us the specific characteristics that your diet requires. Depending on the characteristics, it may be necessary to receive the information on the diet you require at least one day in advance in order to place your order according to your requirements.

  • What areas does the delivery reach?

    We strive to ship to as many areas as possible, however obvious food limitations only allow us to ship to the following areas. If your district is not included, you can place your order as a local pick-up and send your motorized vehicle.
    • Ravine S/ 6
    • Groove 1 S/ 12 *
    • Groove 2 S/ 18 **
    • Miraflores S/ 10
    • La Molina S/ 30
    • Chorrillos S/ 12 ***
    • San Isidro S/ 16
    • Surquillo S/ 16
    • Jesus Maria S/ 18
    • Lynx S/ 19
    • San Borja S/ 18
    • Free Town S/ 19
    • San Miguel S / 21
    • Magdalena del Mar S/ 18

    * Urbanizations: La Castellana, Los Álamos (Unión Stadium), Los Rosales, La Capullana, Santo Cristo, La Ensenada, San Pedrito, Surco Viejo, Jorge Chávez, Camino Real
    ** All other urbanizations in Santiago de Surco
    *** We only reach Av Ariosto Matellini
  • Can an order or contract be made with something different from what they have in their letter?

    Of course we can meet any request or preference such as buffet contracts or preparations for special occasions, cakes or others. This requires the hiring of mutual agreement. Contact us so we can offer you more information. Write to us at:

  • Do you have parking?

    Our location does not have parking. However, you can find nearby parking on Av. Nicolás de Piérola (5 blocks from our premises)