bread with pork rinds

Imagine a crunchy pork rind full of flavor, but completely vegan. At Namaste, we have made it happen. Our vegan chicharrón, with its perfect texture and unmistakable flavor, becomes the star of this dish, which will make you question everything you knew about vegan food.

But we do not stop there. We accompany our chicharrón with a soft and sweet potato, which adds a note of sweetness and perfectly balances the intense flavor of the chicharrón. And to give it a touch of freshness and authenticity, we add our Creole sarsa, full of color and flavor.

And as if that were not enough, we serve this wonderful dish with a rocoto cream that will make you vibrate. Spicy and creamy, it is the perfect complement to this dish full of contrasts.

Namasté's "Pan con Chicharrón Vegano" is more than a dish, it is a culinary experience that invites you to explore new gastronomic horizons. Always available on our menu, it is the ideal option for those looking for an innovative, delicious and respectful proposal with the planet.

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