Chicharron Combo

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S/ 32.00

Creole tamale, pork rinds, stuffing (blood sausage), fried sweet potato and Creole sarsa


Forceful Creole combo with seitan pork rinds specially prepared for pork rinds, Creole corn tamale, (stuffed with tofu, peanuts and others), with vegan filling (blood sausage) of fine ingredients, fried sweet potato and onion sarsa.

  1. bukka

    We loved it, great option for a traditional weekend breakfast or even a big lunch 🙂

  2. Consuelo Milagros Ludena Guerra

    Surprisingly rich!!!

  3. Valeria

    Excellent! I never get tired of asking

  4. Diana Cristina Guevara Oré

    Wow... spectacular... for a delicious breakfast... super rich... ?

  5. Carla Galagarza Alfaro

    Deliciously spectacular dish. Flavors that stay on the palate and on top of that in a super generous portion. From the sky!!

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