Rice Without Duck

In the traditional Barranco, in the beloved vegan corner of “Namasté”, we are proud to present a culinary gem that fuses tradition with innovation: the delicious “Arroz Sin Pollo”! This dish, carefully created with love and dedication, pays homage to the unmistakable flavor of the traditional Peruvian dish in a 100% vegan version.

A Vegan Twist on the Traditional Dish
The "Arroz Sin Pollo" is much more than a simple adaptation. It is a culinary experience in which authentic flavors come together in harmony with values of well-being and compassion. The vegetable meat, treated with the mastery of our chef, is as succulent and satisfying as conventional meat, but without any animal component.

Delight of Flavors and Textures
Each bite of our "Arroz Sin Pollo" will take you on a sensory journey. The finely prepared vegetable meat blends in harmony with the tasty green rice, creating a mixture of textures and flavors that will transport you to memories of traditional flavors. And we cannot forget the huancaína potatoes that accompany this dish, adding an additional touch of authenticity and flavor.

Share the Love Through Food
This dish has been created with a special purpose: to share love and dedication with all the beings you love. Each ingredient, each preparation and each presentation are imbued with the love and care that we strive to provide in each dish that we serve. The "Arroz Sin Pollo" is an invitation to enjoy special moments with your loved ones, celebrating kindness and respect for all forms of life.

We are waiting for you in Namaste
If you are ready to savor a vegan version of a beloved classic, we invite you to visit us at “Namaste”, where conscious cooking meets culinary authenticity. Our “Arroz Sin Pollo” awaits you, ready to delight you and remind you that food can be an act of love and gratitude towards ourselves, towards animals and towards the planet.

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