At the very heart of gastronomic fusion, the vegan restaurant Namasté invites you to delight your senses with our culinary treasure: the exquisite seitan “Anticuchos”. We are delighted to present you with a gastronomic experience that transcends the limits of creativity, combining the rich Peruvian tradition with the world of vegan cuisine.

Each order of "Anticuchos Vegano" will delight you with 3 seitan skewers, carefully seasoned with the emblematic Peruvian seasoning that awakens your senses and transports your palate to the streets of Lima. The secret? A marinade packed with spices, fresh herbs and a love of cooking, infusing each bite with an unforgettable touch of authenticity.
Accompanying these delicious skewers, you will find a presentation of potatoes cooked to perfection, which provide the ideal complement of texture and flavor. And, of course, the touch of vegan magic could not be missing: our artisan creams that enhance each element of the plate. The creaminess and balance of flavors will leave you in awe!

At Namasté, we believe that food is much more than a simple necessity; it is a form of expression and connection. With the "Anticuchos", we have created a gastronomic experience that unites the best of both worlds: tradition and vegan creativity. We invite all lovers of good food to join us on this culinary journey that transcends borders and celebrates the richness of vegan and Peruvian cuisine.


S/ 25.00

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