Ají de No Gallina

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Yellow chili cream with mushrooms and white rice.

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Typical dish of Peruvian food in a vegan version. A delicious yellow pepper cream with parboiled potatoes and seasoned mushrooms, accompanied with white rice.

The preparation of this dish is at the moment and can take approximately 15 minutes.

  1. Melina Suarez

    The consistency of the dish is perfect and the taste, needless to say!!! In love with this dish.

  2. Robert Ruiz

    The texture and flavor is practically the same as the original dish. Delicious.

  3. Samantha

    The seasoning of this veganized dish has nothing to envy to the version with hen/chicken. The texture of the cream is spectacular!

  4. Carla Galagarza Alfaro

    Simply a delight. Nothing to envy to the traditional non-vegan option. This dish is a classic that is to be ordered again and again, and it is enjoyed even more.

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