A new burger, super food.

A new burger, super food.

The Namaste team is working on a new formula for a burger that will have an improved recipe.

As is characteristic of our team, we are constantly researching new formulas for our foods, with which we seek to improve our products both from the aspect of flavor and texture, but above all from their nutritional function. We consider all of this to be very important for our “Violence Free” kitchen, the culinary proposal of our restaurant.
Mayra Velit comments that for her philosophy of "Sacred Cuisine" the nutritional value of food is essential in the balance of health, respect and love that she promotes from her culinary proposal.

Without a release date yet, we are pleased to share that this new vegan burger will have a better consistency in both flavor and variety of nutrients.
Leave us your comments for any questions and we will be happy to answer and help you with your questions.

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