Vegan Pastry 2

Mayra Velit online course
  • Goals
  • Vision
  • In this workshop we will obtain the following objectives:


    1. Mastery of Vegan Pastry:  Learn the basics of vegan pastry, from choosing the right substitutes to balancing flavors and textures.

    2. Exploration of Innovative Flavors:  You will discover how to create unique combinations that will delight and surprise.

    3. Ethical and Nutritional Awareness: Beyond the flavors, this course invites you to reflect on food decisions and their impact on the world around us. 

  • We envision a vibrant and diverse community, connected by the desire to create extraordinary dishes that defy expectations and push the boundaries of tradition. We want to be a meeting point where ideas intertwine and collaborations flourish, generating a constant flow of innovation in vegan cuisine.

    Our dream is that the influence of our school extends beyond our virtual classrooms, reaching homes, restaurants and hearts around the world. We yearn to be an agent of positive change in the way society relates to food and how conscious choices are made that nourish both body and soul.

Course content

It is a pleasure to present to you the long-awaited Vegan Pastry Course 2, guided by the master of healthy and creative pastry, Mayra Velit. Soon, we will enter a universe of natural ingredients and innovative techniques that will allow us to delight our palates while honoring our commitment to the environment and animals.

On Sunday October 15th, from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m., you'll have the opportunity to immerse yourself in two hours of culinary inspiration right from the comfort of your home, thanks to our online learning platform. Through a practical and didactic approach, Mayra Velit will guide you step by step in creating desserts that will challenge the limits of conventional pastry, all while preserving the integrity of animal life and promoting personal health.

Preparations to be done in class: 

•Chard cake
•Artichoke quiche
•Vegan Meatloaf


live class

You can do the questions you want in class, in order.

recorded class

We will send you the recorded class so you can always review.

virtual recipe book

The manual developed with the step by step of the preparations

During the class, all the related activities will be carried out, from the previous preparations to tips for the presentation or variation in the recipes. You will be able to ask all the questions that you need to solve maintaining the order of the class and for this we will have a question and answer dynamic in each class topic and in the step by step of each recipe.

He The cost of the course is S/60, which will include the cost of the class, virtual recipe book and delivery of the recorded class.For this purpose, we will request your personal data after making the payment through the means that we will offer you via WhatSapp.

To participate in this online class you will need to contact Mayra Velit directly. For this we offer you the following link:

Sign up for the class

After making the payment for your registration, we will offer you the link to register for the course and with this your space in the online class would be complete and reserved. 

About Mayra Velit

From an early age, Mayra was enveloped in the magical aromas of the kitchen, thanks to the deep connection her father cultivated with Hindu philosophy when she was barely 2 years old. This seed planted in his heart became a path that guided the entire journey of his family. In a twist of fate, at the age of 7, she found a home in a Hindu temple, where every corner exuded the flavors and culinary rituals that captivated her from the first moment. Inside that sanctuary, Mayra marveled as she watched the dancing ingredients transform into edible works of art. For her, cooking transcended earthly labor and became a devotion, a sublime way of expressing love and spirituality. In Mayra's mind, cooking was the palpable link between the divine and the human, an act of feeding the body to nourish the soul. As the years progressed, the borders faded in his kitchen, enriching it with every corner of the planet. Gastronomic influences merged with the essences of yoga practiced by people from all over the world, who came together in search of balance. His culinary destiny took a new turn when, in the year 2000, he emerged as the leader in the kitchen at Eco Truly Park, masterfully supervising each dish that came out of his kitchen. Under his guidance, the festivals that fed the hearts and souls of more than a thousand people came to life, each bite a meditation in itself. The culmination of this exciting journey came in July 2018, when Mayra and her three sisters joined their talents to create an oasis of flavor in Barranco: Namasté. This gastronomic sanctuary, dedicated to vegan food, is more than a restaurant; it is an altar where the ingredients are mixed with the intention and the experience becomes a spiritual journey. Mayra and her family have woven the very essence of her life into each dish, sharing her love of cooking and devotion to the divine with every diner who crosses her threshold.

Mayra's life is a culinary symphony that has been led by passion, spirituality and the fusion of cultures. Her journey from the scents of home to the heart of Namaste is a testament to how a love of cooking can feed the soul and bring people together in a feast of flavor and spirituality thanks to the Sacred Kitchen.

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