cashew milk

cashew milk

Replace dairy in a nutritious and delicious way.

Cashew milk has a delicious flavor and adapts excellently to different types of needs in the kitchen, so it is also useful in baking and pastry. I have used them for a long time since I did not find another milk that could be more functional and adaptable.

In addition to its wonderful flavor is its incredible nutritional value, full of antioxidants and cholesterol free, they produce a variety of completely healthy and much-needed minerals, among which are melanin, collagen and elastin.

Recipe for 1 liter of cashew milk


  • 100 grams of cashews
  • 1 liter of cold filtered or boiled water
  • 1/2 teaspoon tara gum (optional)


1 Soak the cashews the night before (8 hours).

2 After 8 hours, drain the water and place the cashews in the blender and add the liter of filtered water, blending for 3 minutes until completely ground and add the half teaspoon of tara gum and blend again for 3 more minutes.

3 Strain through silk or a very fine cloth, reserving the bagasse and placing the milk in a bottle and then refrigerate.

In this recipe, Mayra presents us with the easiest way to prepare it and make it part of our daily life.

Now you just have to put it into practice and share this recipe with all your loved ones so that more people benefit. Remember that if you have doubts you can ask them from the comments at the bottom of this recipe.


  • Lorraine

    Can cashews be roasted or unroasted? Which is more convenient?
    Thank you!!

    • A

      Lorena dear, for cashews milk they must be raw. If you toasted the cashews it would change the flavor and in this case it is not ideal.

  • Nina Campos

    Hello, could you tell me what is the function of the tara gum? Thank you very much!

    • A

      Hi Nina, with pleasure.
      I tell you that tara gum works as an emulsifier, that means that it keeps the ingredients integrated. Without the tara gum, the natural fat of the cashew would separate from the water, which we usually say in Peru as "it is cut". To maintain that smooth texture, tara gum is needed. I hope you prepare it and share your experience with us by this means.

  • Thank you teacher for the recipe, a question, Tara gum is not necessary to cook?

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